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BLSC NextGen goes Koezio 

BLSC NextGen kindly invites all Nextgenners to join us at Koezio to complete their secret mission…

When? 19th of March 2020
Where? Koezio Brussels – Dockx, Lambermontlaan 1, 1000 Brussel, België
18.00-18.30: Apéro
18.30-19.00: Briefing
19:00-21:00: Koezio Mission
21:00-…: Dinner

Price: 75 € (excl. VAT) per person

!! Please check before registration whether you meet the following requirements:

  • At least 1m40 in height and no more than 110 kg
  • Not pregnant or have given birth within 6 months
  • Not under medical treatment or have heart problems
  • Not have vertigo, claustrophobia or epilepsy
  • Not inebriated and not to have taken drugs
  • Be in good physical condition and not have any medical contra-indications for the practice of sport or have any articulatory problems(Max. 25 participants)

Tanguy Verheyen (Carrefour Belgium)
Willem Demonie (Mitiska REIM)
Bram Thomas (Mitiska REIM)
Danaë Stove (Redevco Retail Belgium)
Joaquim Van Rossem (RELAW)
Evelyn Nedee (Retail Point)
Ine Beeterens (Wereldhave Belgium)

NextGen Koezio