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Dear NextGen,

BLSC NextGen happily invites you to the 2ndEdition
of its Christmas Party.

Wednesday 18 December af from 6.30PM

Black Smoke is based on the site of De Koninck Antwerp City Brewery, Boomgaardstraat 1 – 2018 Antwerp

Drinks and BBQfoodsharing : 60 Eur/pers. (excl. VAT)

Amazing food/drinks + more amazing company of your fellow NextGenners
Optional: Tour at Brouwerij De Koninck

Because NextGen is a way to expand your network (but really it’s just a lot of FUN!)
Also on the program: overview of the past year + sneak peak of upcoming events!

Tip! Wear your Xmas sweater. The person with the ugliest Xmas sweater can win a price!

NextGen Christmas 2019

Jessica Xiong (ALTIUS)
Anastasia Coates (AS Watson)
Quentin Depreter (Carrefour Belgium)
David De Wolf (CBRE GI)
Larissa Amkreutz (Ceusters)
Axel Ceusters (Ceusters)
Elke Franckx (Ceusters)
Katrien Geysen (Ceusters)
Nathalie Verheyen (Ceusters)
Jeroen Charlier (Cushman & Wakefield Belgium S.A.)
Julie De Bruyn (Cushman & Wakefield Belgium S.A.)
Sarah De Pauw (Cushman & Wakefield Belgium S.A.)
Simon De Vooght (Cushman & Wakefield Belgium S.A.)
Dogan Delmoitie (Cushman & Wakefield Belgium S.A.)
Nicolas Diercxsens (Cushman & Wakefield Belgium S.A.)
Renaud Slegers (Cushman & Wakefield Belgium S.A.)
Kenneth Verloo (Cushman & Wakefield Belgium S.A.)
Antoine Chardome (Galimmo)
Manon Clement (McDonald’s Belgium NV)
Johan Van Stichel (McDonald’s Belgium NV)
Didier Claes (Mcdonalds)
Bram Thomas (Mitiska REIM)
Benoit Mottet (Porte des Ardennes Schmiede SA)
Danaë Stove (Redevco Retail Belgium)
Joaquim Van Rossem (RELAW)
evelyn nédée (Retail Point)
Christoph Van Beek (
Tinne Maes (Tribeca Capital Partners)
Céline Goossens (Wereldhave)
Bram De Paepe (Willy Naessens)
Steven Van Hoorde (You Studio)
Jonathan Njotea (Zabra Real Estate)